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happy through hypnotic therapy


Your way to happiness and fulfillment.

Everything that we can not deal with, has it’s origins in the subconscious. If we could consciously deal with an issue, we would just do it. Often we even know what is wrong, but our subconscious has a different plan. This is where we set our approach, and as a result, how we deal with situations and even what we will attract in the future.

Hypnotic therapy gives us access to the subconscious. The real causes of the ailment will only be resolved here.

Virtually any topic can be addressed with Hypnotic Therapy.

Many clients have tried different treatments and medications, before, without success. A hypnotic session is to solve the topics at their root cause, rather then treating the symptoms.

Many topics that bother us are based on childhood experiences. This can be easily addressed: It is never to late for a meaningful childhood!

Hypnosis & mental health

Hypnosis is just a tool. There are many different options you can benefit from, in a hypnotic session.

Jarek NJarek N
06:19 04 Feb 23
Highly recommend, had number of sessions with Valentino and they made a big difference in my life. Don't hesitate to reach out to him, he is very patient in explaining the process and flexible with appointments. Best of all you can do the sessions remotely online.
Ramona MarinoRamona Marino
10:00 02 Nov 22
A very interesting & nice experience! Valentin is a very competent, trustworthy and personable man. Nice pleasant atmosphere - you feel comfortable and in good hands with him. I can highly recommend ed for everyone !!
Jennifer BorraJennifer Borra
17:48 02 Oct 22
Was my first professional hypnosis session. Very pleasant voice. I felt comfortable at all times. I can only recommend.👍
Bear GymBear Gym
12:04 02 Oct 22
Worked well for me. Recommended.
Ferdinand HöhneFerdinand Höhne
08:22 01 Jul 23
Arturo V.rosasArturo V.rosas
05:54 22 Apr 23
I have made great progress under this therapy. Valentino's patience and disposition are great.
Philip BurgenerPhilip Burgener
09:52 03 Mar 23
Awesome Therapy, helped me focus on my things.Therapist understood all issues and helped me solve them
Petra WalpenPetra Walpen
17:32 26 Feb 23
The hypnosis was a really great experience. It helped me a lot and got me on my way!!!
Mario BurgenerMario Burgener
15:39 11 Feb 23
Hypnotic therapy helped mit solve my issues in just 2 sessions.Trustfull and great therapist.


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