Hypnotherapy Regression


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Regression in hypnotic therapy refers to the process of guiding a person back in time to revisit and explore past memories and experiences that may be contributing to their current issue or problem. The aim of regression is to uncover the root cause of a problem and help to gain insight, understanding, and resolution.

During a hypnotic regression, you are guided into a hypnotic state, which is a relaxed and focused state of mind where the conscious mind is quieted, and the subconscious mind is more accessible. I will guide you to a specific point in their past, often to a time before the problem began. The guidance will be neutral with open question and assures the information is pure from your subconscious mind.

You will be asked to describe what you see, hear, and feel in this memory, and I will ask questions to help you gain a deeper understanding of the situation. Usually we took this moment to personal and believe it’s our fault. Together we reframe the experience and to release any negative emotions or beliefs that may be associated with it.

Regression in hypnotic therapy can be used to address a wide range of issues, such as anxiety, phobias, trauma, and chronic pain.