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Experience the extraordinary realm of modern hypnotherapy – the awe-inspiring superconscious.

Ultra-Height® / Ultra-Healing®, also known as “UH”, represents the pinnacle of hypnotherapy, akin to the Holy Grail. Within these distinctive states, what was once deemed impossible becomes possible. Phenomena unfold that challenge explanation, leaving us in awe.

Gerald F. Kein pioneered the revolutionary Ultra-Height®, which charts new frontiers in the field of hypnotherapy. Ultra-Healing®, a remarkable evolution of Ultra-Height®, builds upon the discoveries and experimental work of Hansruedi Wipf.

Countless observed and documented phenomena include:

– Spontaneous healing
– Access to previously concealed information
– Profound spiritual experiences
– Heightened intuition and inspiration
– Emotional salvation
– Self-discovery
– Revelation of answers to profound questions

When and how can you benefit from Ultra-Height® and Ultra-Healing®?

– When all other techniques have fallen short of effecting the desired change
– When the client struggles to articulate or identify the underlying issue
– In the face of severe illnesses, following Regression to Cause & Fix it (R2C®) sessions
– When seeking answers to existential questions about life
– To tap into boundless inspiration, foster creativity, embark on a journey of redemption, or unravel profound answers

Unlock the extraordinary potential of Ultra-Height® and Ultra-Healing®, transcending the limits of conventional therapeutic approaches.